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王汎森  中央研究院副院長

林啟屏  國立政治大學中文系教授兼文學院院長

梅家玲  國立臺灣大學中文系教授

陳淑君  中央研究院臺灣史研究所助研究員

曾淑賢  國家圖書館館長兼漢學研究中心主任

黃寬重  長庚大學人文及社會醫學科教授

劉士永  中央研究院臺灣史研究所研究員兼副所長

謝國興  中央研究院臺灣史研究所研究員兼所長


International Conference on New Territory for

Chinese Studies


Date:     19-20 November, 2015

Venue:    International Conference Hall, National Central Library(20 Zhongshan           South Road, Taipei 10001, Taiwan, R.O.C.)

Hosts:    Center for Chinese Studies, National Central Library

          Academia Sinica Digital Center

Languages: Chinese, English



In the 16th century, European missionaries began to study Chinese culture. Since then, the hard work of countless scholars has built on their pioneering efforts, resulting in the field of Chinese studies we recognize today. With the rise of China’s economic power in recent years, China fever has spread and Chinese studies has grown into a significant field globally. The traditional research in the Chinese world has provided rich and fertile soil, while Chinese studies in the West has dared to try new approaches, striving to make breakthroughs from a more detached perspective. It has reinvigorated Chinese studies research, enabling its systematization and a wider recognition of its unique values. Today’s Chinese studies is a fusion of Eastern and Western approaches, combining their appeal.

Each country’s Chinese studies research is distinctive, with its own prospective trends, opening up new materials, methods, perspectives, and even a significant number of unique research topics. These are all current points of interest to the Chinese studies community both in the Chinese speaking world and overseas.

In this Internet age, digital technology has provided Chinese studies with many new research tools. The world’s universities and research institutions are all actively digitizing documents, storing them in large databases, and then using database search methods to analyze and compare them. This has resulted in ground-breaking discoveries and extremely rich research. The worldwide production and utilization of new tools to make best use of these Chinese studies resources will also prove an exciting area to watch.

In light of this, the National Central Library’s Center for Chinese Studies and the Academia Sinica Digital Culture Center arejointly convening an international conference on the theme of “New Territory for Chinese Studies.” The world’s Chinese studies institutes and scholars are invited to participate in this conference, which will be a platform for sharing their unique approaches to research and facilitating academic dialogue between leading experts in Chinese studies from overseas and based in Taiwan. It is hoped that these encounters will spark new ideas, opening up new territory for research that transcends cultural and historical barriers and establishing a new milestone for global Chinese studies.


Conference Sub-Themes

(1) Contemporary Chinese studies: qualities and prospects

(2) Digital Chinese studies resources: developments and trends

(3) International partnerships and exchanges in Chinese studies research.

Organizing Committee

Chen,Sophy Shu-JiunAssistant Research Fellow, Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica

Hsieh, Kuo-Hsing Research Fellow/Director, Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica

Huang, Kuan-Chung  Professor, Department of Medical Humanities and Social Sciences, Chang Gung        University

Lin, Chi-ping  Dean, College of Liberal Arts/Professor, Department of Chinese Literature, National      Chengchi University

Liu,Michael Shi-Yung Research Fellow/Deputy Director, Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica

Mei, Chia-Ling  Professor, Department of Chinese Literature, National Taiwan University 

Tseng, Shu-hsien  Director-General of National Central Library/Director of Center for Chinese Studies

Wang, Fan-Sen  Research Fellow/ Vice President of Academy Sinica